Farming Machinery – Helping To Grow More

Any talk about machines that would help in farming immediately conjures up visions of tractors of different shapes and sizes. For a long time tractors were the only form of machinery that was consistently used in agriculture. Times have changed, and with technological development, advanced machinery specific to certain aspects of agriculture has been developed to handle even small tasks with great efficiency.


farm14A tractor is an indispensable piece of equipment on a farm, and it can be simple or highly advanced in terms of its technology. Originally used for tilling, tractors are these days used to accomplish a variety of agricultural tasks. The price of a new tractor can be as high as £84,000.

Machineries For Soil Cultivation

There are numerous machines for cultivating the soil, such as cultivators, harrows, ploughs, sub-soilers and rollers. These are generally implements that are attached to the tractors. Grass harrows range between £5,000 and £7,000 (second hand) while chain harrows are cheaper and can be purchased for about £500.

Harvesting Tools

farm15Harvesters for crops like cotton, sugarcane, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, etc., are used in farming. Rice hullers, mowers and rakes are also used during the harvesting phase. Used corn harvesters cost approximately £1700, with forage harvesters upwards of £5000. Combine harvesters can cost as much as £70,000.


farm16Balers and bale lifters are two of the machines that are used for haymaking purposes. These are normally added as implements to tractors. Used bale handlers and balers can be purchased for approximately £1000. There are also machines for loading, milking cattle, feeding animals, and for transporting produce, all of which are available to the farmer, and which greatly reduce the workload from season to season.

Most of these kinds of machines have become a necessity in the contemporary farm environment. However, the costs of the machines and implements, as we’ve indicated above, are sometimes quite high. One of the feasible options for cutting costs is to lease these machines, or buy used machines from auctions and private sellers, something a lot of farmers do in order to get by.